Read Manuals – Motorola Moto G7 Series

In a few years this Motorola is indeed absent to enter the flagship smartphone market. But about smartphones with affordable price labels, Motorola has a beloved line, is Moto G.

This time, Motorola announced the release of the line again which has now entered the seventh generation. The series of variants in the Moto G7 line are four phones: Moto G7 Play, Moto G7 Power, Moto G7, and Moto G7 Plus.

Each one has a sort of order of pricing and minimalist specifications for G7 Play, a 5,000 mAh battery for the G7 Power, the best price with attractive specifications for a regular G7, and the best camera for the G7 Plus.

Most special, the four will carry Android Pie right out of the box, USB-C port, as well as headphone jack.

The battery problem is one of the hallmarks of this line. Having a reputation as a smartphone with the last battery for the Moto G6 in the past year, it will certainly last this year. The Moto G7 Play itself has a capacity of 4,000 mAh battery with economical processor that is Snapdragon 632 and minimalist specifications, so the durability of the battery can not be denied.

The Moto G7 Power variant is even bigger about the battery, because it carries a capacity of 5,000 mAh that can withstand more than 2 days with normal usage.

These two variants, Play and Power, both carry the screen with HD resolution. So even though the screen is not as sharp as other, the battery will be guaranteed to be more economical.

Well, the most standard version will be embedded in the regular Moto G7, which carries a porsesor of the Snapdragon 632, Full HD display, as well as 4GB RAM. The camera has been able to record 4K video and there is a secondary telephoto camera that can make your bokeh photos even more beautiful.

The last and best variant is the Moto G7 Plus, whose basic difference is the more powerful processor that is the Snapdragon 636, while the other 3 variants carry the Snapdragon 632.

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